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The European Quant Awards gain national attention as CFA Society Italy opens registrations

23 May 2024

CFA Society Italy’s involvement in the 10th edition of the European Quant Awards has been featured in several national publications, highlighting the growing importance of quantitative finance in the academic and professional worlds.

The news of CFA Society Italy joining this significant event was recently covered by major Italian news outlets, including the online editions of Avvenire, FundsPeople, and BlueRating, as well as in the print edition of ItaliaOggi. These publications have recognized the value and potential of the European Quant Awards to foster academic excellence and professional development among university students and interns interested in quantitative finance.


About the European Quant Awards

Launched by CFA Society France and now in its 10th edition, the European Quant Awards are open to university students and interns from various specialties in quantitative finance. Participants are not required to be CFA candidates or members, making the competition accessible to a wide array of students.

This year, the European Quant Awards have seen the participation of multiple CFA Societies, including those from France, the Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Istanbul, under the auspices of the CFA Institute.

CFA Society Italy invites all interested students and professionals to learn more about the European Quant Awards and consider participating in this prestigious competition. Join us in celebrating the innovative spirit and expertise of the next generation of financial analysts.


*For more information about the European Quant Awards and how to participate: click here or contact QuantAwards CFA France.*