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27 May 2024

Nobel Laureate Robert C. Merton Discusses the Future of Economics and Finance

In a revealing interview, the 1997 Nobel Prize winner and 2023 Vertin Award recipient shares insights on digital transformation, financial risks, and the path to a net-zero society.

27 May 2024

Decoding Private Equity: A Comprehensive Review of Its Evolution and Impact

Alexander Ljungqvist’s detailed analysis explores the transformative role of private equity in the global economy, highlighting its strategies, performance, and broader implications

27 May 2024

CFA Society Italy celebrates new Charterholders at the annual Charter Award Ceremony

Last Friday, CFA Society Italy held its much-anticipated Charter Award Ceremony, a prestigious event that marked the achievements of CFA Charterholders who earned their certifications since June 2023.

27 May 2024

CFA Society Italy members to receive exclusive discount for the Quant Bootcamp

CFA Society Italy announces an exclusive offer for its members to participate in the Quant Bootcamp, a premier 4+2 days course in advanced Data Science with a focus on applications to Quantitative Finance. Members are eligible for a 20% discount.

23 May 2024

The European Quant Awards gain national attention as CFA Society Italy opens registrations

CFA Society Italy’s involvement in the 10th edition of the European Quant Awards has been featured in several national publications, highlighting the growing importance of quantitative finance in the academic and professional worlds.

08 May 2024

CFA Society Italy joins the 10th Edition of the European Quant Awards

CFA Society Italy joined the 10th edition of the European Quant Awards, launched by CFA Society France, dedicated to university students who have embarked on or just completed a course of study in quantitative finance.