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Collaborative WIM Initiative - A Global Alliance to Further Inclusion & Diversity

03 October 2022

Collaborative Women in Investment Management (WIM) Initiative

A Global Alliance to Further Inclusion & Diversity


CFA Society Italy is proud to support the Collaborative Women In Investment Management (WIM) Initiative, a partnership among 80 CFA societies and FPA chapters across US, Canada, EMEA and LatAm that have created a unique program to empower female professionals across all facets of the finance industry, to support the advancement and development of female leaders of all backgrounds, as well as to celebrate their accomplishments and to establish a broad-based community and share resources to promote our shared vision of inclusion, diversity and equity in capitalism.

With a combined member base exceeding 60,000, this partnership will enhance networking opportunities at all levels and facilitate the formation of a peer support system for members. The CFA Society network also sees the new world of virtual programming as an opportunity to build a global community, and to share resources to create exceptional programs.


The Board of Directors of Collaborative WIM initiative is comprised of CFA Society leaders:

  • Sarah Yao Schutzman, CFA, Managing Partner, Providence Heights Capital Management LLC (on behalf of CFA Society Indianapolis WIM)
  • Arielle Bittoni, CFA, Chief Wealth Strategist, Refresh Investments LLC (on behalf of CFA Society Los Angeles Women’s Member Community)
  • Christine Tinker, CFA, Equity Portfolio Manager, Northern Trust Asset Management (on behalf of CFA Society Chicago Women’s Network)
  • Victoria Prescott, CFA, Associate Director, Capital Markets & Investor Relations at Realty Income Corporation (on behalf of CFA Society San Diego Advocacy Committee)  
  • Regina Gaysina, Vice President, Municipal Finance at RBC Capital Markets (on behalf of CFA Society New Mexico Women’s Advisory Committee)


Collaborative WIM Events 

The inaugural collaborative event on September 29, 2020 (hosted by the Women’s Network of CFA Society Chicago) was the first in a series of programs designed to celebrate female leaders and inspire young professionals.

CFA Society and FPA members around the US joined us for a candid conversation with Stephanie Cohen, Chief Strategy Officer of Goldman Sachs.


Past Events

Q3 CWIM Live Q&A with Authors: “Undiversified: The Big Gender Short in Investment Management” Featuring Ellen Carr and Katrina Dudley (Hosted by CFA Society Italy) - 18 October 2022 - The registration of this webinar is available at this link

Q4 2021 ON THE SAME PAGE: CWIM Quarterly Book Club - Featuring Andy Molinsky - "Reach: A New Strategy to Help You Step Outside Your Comfort Zone, Rise to the Challenge, and Build Confidence" - 13 October 2021

Q4 2021 CWIM Original - "2022 Outlook for Women Leaders” - Hosted by CFA Society New York - 18 November 2021

Q1 2022 ON THE SAME PAGE: CWIM Quarterly Book Club - Featuring Morgan Housel - "The Psychology of Money" Hosted by CFA Society Idaho - 19 January 2022

Q1 2022 CWIM Original - Featuring Rupal Bhansali - Co-hosted by CFA Society Sasketchewan and CFA Society Okanagan - 15 February 2022


You will find information on Upcoming Events at www.CollaborativeWIM.com 



👉 Follow the Collaborative WIM Initiative at www.CollaborativeWIM.com and on its official Collaborative WIM LinkedIn  page